We've already scheduled the School Prayer event for 2023!

    Next year's date is August 6th at 7pm.

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    A grassroots movement to connect churches, businesses and individuals in our communities to our schools. An opportunity to show support to all students, teachers and administrators through prayer.


    Meet at a school near you on Sunday, August 6th at 7pm. Our goal is to have a presence at every elementary, middle and high school in the area. There will be a team leader at each school that evening to help organize your time.

  • Prayer Guide

    Pray with us this year! Even if you're not able to be present at one of our schools,

    you can join us in prayer by using this Prayer Guide.

    Students and Parents

    Pray for our students as they prepare to begin this new school year. Pray for a sense of peace, anticipation and confidence. Pray for an attitude of cooperation. Pray for their safety and protection.

    Pray for parents as they prepare to send their children back to school. Help them to be confident of God’s protection for their children. Show them how to be involved in their child(ren’s) education in a way that honors their family and beliefs.

    School Administration

    Pray for wisdom and guidance regarding the decisions that need to be made for their students and teachers. Pray for protection and peace as they go through each day. Ask God to help them create an environment of unity, cooperation, appreciation and respect on their campus.

    Teachers and Coaches

    Pray for wisdom, strength, protection and perseverance to fulfill their eternal calling and carry out their responsibilities in a way that honors God. Ask God to give them a sensitivity and care for each student. Pray that teachers and coaches will have a strong sense of how significant their impact is in each of their student’s life.

    Support Staff

    Ask God to give the support staff an understanding of their importance in the school communities. Pray for their strength, stamina, protection and peace as they deal with the everyday routines and challenges that their job involves.

    District Leadership

    Pray that they will be given wisdom and discernment regarding the decisions for the students in their county or district. Pray for courage and strength as they strive to address the various needs and demands to do what is best for the students in their county. Pray that there will be unity and like mindedness among the decision makers.

    Our Communities

    Pray for an attitude of unity, cooperation and involvement among all stakeholders in the communities. Ask God for opportunities that will provide support, encouragement and care for each of our schools so they can thrive. Pray for God’s protection over each community.